Long Lasting Surface Disinfectants

Anti-Cor© is a durable, long-lasting coating that imparts strong residual antimicrobial properties to every surface it is applied to.

Key Benefits


Water Based


Colorless  does not Stain


Free of Heavy Metals


Covid-19 Certified


Applicable to
All Surfaces

about product

Anti-Cor© is a water-based antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal long-lasting biocidal product containing Sİ-QAC (Organosilan Quaternary Amine) compound. (CAS: 27668-52-6 Dimethyloctadecly(3-trimethoxysilane) ammonium chloride)

Anti-Cor is NOT a cleaning solution, it is a a protective technology. Its effect against Covid-19 virus has been approved by an independent testing institution.

There are two different biocidal licensed products in the Anti-Cor by Ideakim product range;

• Type 2 product contains 0.95% active ingredient.
• Type 9 product contains 20% active ingredient.

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how to apply?

Step 01
  • Anti-Cor product can be sprayed on small surface areas (glass, wood, metal, plastic, textile, carpet, curtain, sofa, etc.) and then wiped with a cloth or sponge.
Step 02
  • Anti-Cor product can be applied to large surfaces with steam or ULV machines or air guns.
Step 03
  • The shelf life of the product is 2 year in an environment that is not exposed to sunlight, at room temperature (24°C) and in a closed airtight condition
Step 04
  • Anti-Cor product can be used safely on all kinds of fabric surfaces by padding or spraying method. (Effective up to 20 washes)After application, it will be sufficient to clean the surfaces with water.