CEO Message

Ideakim© will strive to become a leading global chemical company that provides our partners with the best innovative and sustainable solutions.

Dear Partners,

We will strive to become a leading global Chemical Company that provides our partners with the best innovative and sustainable solutions with a customer-first mindset. As Ideakim Global, we differentiate our company around three core areas;

Partner centricity
For us, it is vitally important that we serve every partner with the highest dedication, care, and responsibility. Switching focus from the product to the customer, we committed to taking customer satisfaction to the next level to achieve this ambition. We always start by listening to our partners’ needs and driving meaningful customer-led innovations.

At Ideakim Global, we look beyond chemistry and technology to create value for our partners and help them win and grow together. We push the limits of what we see, including what we can only imagine free from convention. As a result, we can envision innovations beyond chemistry.

It is an essential part of all our decision-making, whether that is evaluating our business model, the products we innovate, or the manufacturing process we adopt. For example, decreasing carbon footprint projects; Energy production from sustainable resources; preferring raw materials from natural and sustainable sources; waste management.

Please join us as we start an exciting journey toward a more responsible and sustainable chemical company committed to create innovations beyond chemistry.

Kind regards,

Dr. Başar Yıldız
General Manager